Brick Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

Brick Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

Building in Melbourne, the capital and the most populous city of the state of Victoria, simply demands that you maintain high standards. After all, you are building in one of the world’s most attractive cities that needs to maintain a decent facet. That’s why you should always ensure that the exterior design of your house is finely finished to give a nice display. All this starts with Vacublast Brick Cleaning Melbourne.

Brick cleaning, also known as acid washing, entails the removal of excess cement and mortar splashes from bricks after completing the brick laying process. The mantra is common in the construction industry, being among the last processes performed on a building prior to practical completion and final decoration.

The process is quite detailed and clinical. It involves applying an acid mixture to the whole brick surface to make the sticky mortar soft. The mortar is then churned with a scrubbing brush and thoroughly cleaned using clean water sprayed at a very high pressure. Though acid churning has proven to be the best brick cleaning method, there are some other methods that are also used in the industry: these include efflorescence or Vanadium staining. Efflorescence usually involves the removal of white stains on bricks, while vanadium staining is the removal of the green tinge on the cream bricks. All these cleaning methods can be simply done with the application of specific chemicals and then final washing using water pumped at a high pressure.

Are you looking for companies offering services on brick cleaning in Melbourne? Consider a few listed below:

Carl’s Melbourne Brick Cleaning
The Carl’s Melbourne Brick cleaners specialize in brick cleaning, paving and driveways. With over 20 years of service, they have highly skilled cleaners and they employ modern technology and cleaning chemicals. This makes them among the best brick cleaners in Melbourne. Free quotation, fair rates and diligent service provision is all you get when you consult Carl’s Melbourne Brick cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning Services
The company has been paint-stripping and steam-cleaning Melbourne since 1979. They specialize in brick/stone cleaning, steam cleaning of factory floors as well as graffiti removal both for residential and domestic buildings.

Other notable companies that do brick cleaning in Melbourne include A R & M brick cleaners, Leigh Plain brick cleaning, and Dependable brick cleaning among others. You can seek the assistance of these professionals for any service involving brick cleaning and restoration if you live in Melbourne and its environs.

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