Freeman Lodge

‘Freeman Lodge’ is a small clean and friendly hostel-guest house for travellers. Situated in West Richmond it is close to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG, Aussie rules, athletics), the tennis centre (Australian Open) and the Fitzroy Gardens (Captain Cook’s cottage).

The guest house is close to Bridge Road which has a post office, supermarket, restaurants and fashion factory shop outlets. Go for a pleasant 20 minute walk through the Fitzroy gardens and you are in the city with all its wonderful shops, theatres and people. Public transport is close by and a bus to St Kilda beach stops outside.

Facilities are double, single and shared rooms which are spacious and have TV, fridge and hand basin. Linen and towels are provided. There are also small cosy male and female dorms.

The shared bathrooms and toilets are clean. There is a kitchen with most items and a lounge with TV and a small courtyard available for guests. ‘Keith’ our popular and loved housecat will keep you company and if you need to keep in contact with family or friends there is internet access, a payphone and fax in the building.
Tour discounts are available for the guests.

The Sex Toy Store

The Sex Toy Store

As we wonder through life there are few things that we all strive for and part of being alive is a healthy life. This lifestyle of health and happiness includes a happy sex life and that includes a trip or two to the adult toy store. Playing around and keeping yourself and your partner happy are a great way to live a long, happy life. There are many toys available that are sure to please you from the adult toy store. The hardest part is not finding a toy, but, finding a toy that you both enjoy. This is the reason that so many toy makers have a wide selection of JouJou Sex Toys.

When you are ready to research and purchase your toys, keep in mind that you have many options. You can find an adult toy store listing online and in many cases, you can visit and even get help with your selections. There are many benefits to enjoying a few toys in your relationship. Chances are good that with each new toy and it’s many features you might have questions. Don’t be embarrassed when it comes to asking questions about the Vibrators at JouJou, how it works or what it feels like. These questions go with the toy business and the staff is always helpful when it comes to answering questions.

The adult toy store may also sell other things that you are looking for. Just because they call it a toy store does not mean that they can’t help you with other items of value that are a direct benefit to you. You have two options here. You can ask for suggestions. You may be able to get another similar product or a product that goes along with the one you are buying. The second thing you can do is ask specific questions about a product that you have the intent of buying. For example, if you have a product name you can ask questions about that product and it’s specifics. When it comes to toys in the adult industry, options are all around you and with each one come a new positive situation that can lead couples closer together and may work out well for singles too. Why not take a trip over to the toy store today? It might be just what the doctor ordered for a happy and healthy life.

Using promo air fresheners

Using promo air fresheners

When you are looking for a way to promote your business, you can do things like hats or pens with your business’s name and logo on them. But those often aren’t the best way. Pens get put in drawers and forgotten about, and few people are likely to notice names on a hat — and that’s if the people you give them to wear them out of the house. A higher-impact and more low-cost way to do promotion can be with promo air fresheners.

Promotional air fresheners are ubiquitous in cars and trucks, usually hanging from the rearview mirror or hanging in front of the heating vents. The No. 1 thing about promo air fresheners that makes them such a good promotional tool is that they are very noticeable. They usually are a color that stands out from the car’s interior, making them easy to spot. So it’s something that a lot of people see. And people don’t just hang promo air fresheners in their cars. Other businesses might use them or people might pin them to their refrigerator in their homes.

Another thing that makes promo air fresheners such good investments is that, in addition to advertising your business, they provide something that people want: a good smell in their cars, homes and businesses. Though many promo items, such as pens and cups, provide a purpose in addition to promotions, it’s not the same thing. Promo air fresheners provide people with an active benefit that makes them very sought-after.

One final benefit of promo air fresheners is that they are very inexpensive. They cost just pennies to make, and there isn’t much more cost involved in printing your business name and logo on them. For an investment of just a few hundred dollars, you can produce thousands of promotional items. In addition, you can even sell the air fresheners to recoup your costs, which can provide free marketing and advertising for your business.

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XLS Medical

XLS Medical

Let XLS Medical Be Your Weight Loss Miracle

You have tried dieting and staying on a diet just seems too difficult. You may even have tried exercising with the dieting to no avail. Adding the all natural XLS Medical to your diet plan just might be the miracle for which you have searched.

XLS Medical Direct by Amcal is a clinically proven way to get to your weight loss goal faster than you can expect from just dieting alone, and its ingredients derive naturally from plant sources. XLS Medical has a gentle formula, so it is not harsh on your system.

The XLS Medical Fat Binder binds with the fat from the food you digest by way of its active ingredient, Litramine. After binding, it becomes a large compound of fat fiber which cannot be absorbed while lying in the small intestine so that you eliminate it over time.

The XLS Medical Carb Blocker stops the body from digesting complex carbohydrates into glucose through its active ingredient, PhaseLite.

With XLS Medical Max Strength, you can lose weight faster as it reduces the calories that you ingest from carbs, sugar, and fat by way of its active ingredient, Clavitonal. What happens is that the Clavitonal hinders some of the functions of the digestive enzymes, such as the alpha amylase, alpha-glucosidase, and lipase. This way, these digestive enzymes cannot easily destroy the dietary carbs, sugar, and fat leaving the undigested particles too big for absorption in the small intestine: you would, instead, expel them naturally.

If you are looking for something clinically proven, all natural, and will help you reach your weight loss goal quicker, XLS Medical could be your answer.